June 24, 2024
What are the Benefits of a Built-In Wine Cabinet?

Wine is one of life’s pleasures, and good wine deserves good storage. While most people simply stash their wine in the fridge, true wine lovers want better conditions for their collection. Everything from a dedicated fridge, chillers, cabinets and state-of-the-art cellars are becoming everyday considerations. Available space in modern homes often brings the choice down to a wine chiller or cabinet;\; yes, there is a difference. Chillers were known for temperature fluctuations, while cabinets are more stable, offering better protection and longevity for your aqua vitae. Happily, modern chillers like Bodega43 Wine coolers have optimal temperature controls giving the best of both worlds.

Ideal Wine Storage Temperatures

For maximum enjoyment, wine must be stored and served at the perfect temperature. Expert opinion tells us that the ideal is ~13°C, with a safe range between ~7°C to ~18°C, without too many temperature fluctuations. Too near the top of the spectrum, and you risk your wine changing faster. Too close to the lower end, and your precious bottles may accumulate some tartrate crystals by the cork. Food fridges are kept around three °C, which is not ideal for your wine.

Wine Temperature Storage Options

Red and white wines can be stored at the same temperature, but your bubbly bottles prefer their range. Champagne and sparkling wines like rosés and bruts thrive best between 4°C and 10°C. This is the optimal range to keep the carbon dioxide at its peak, and prevent the cork from unexpectedly popping. Coolers with dual temperature zones allow you to store your wines in the same unit, which is an energy-efficient space saver. An excellent way to combine your wine storage needs with your existing décor is to buy a built-in wine cabinet. Good looking coolers designed to impress give an instant upgrade to any entertainment area.

Wine Cabinets that Complement Your Space

A built-in wine cabinet is ideal for matching your home’s interior decoration. Whether you have a case of wine or over 200 bottles, there is a cabinet for you. It in your entertainment area, even if it’s your dining room, adds a lovely contemporary and luxuriant touch to your space. The sleek designs, with discreet lighting, are an attractive way to n\ store them in perfect conditions.

Shining a Light on Your Wine

Long term wine storage can be tricky without proper thought and consideration. Lighting plays its part in how well your wine lasts. Light, most especially sunlight, degrades and prematurely ages wine. This is one of the core reasons behind vintners using coloured bottles. Keeping wine collections in a cellar where the only light occurs when bottles are added or removed is ideal, but sadly not practical for most people. High-quality wine coolers have addressed this issue with UV-resistant glass doors to keep unwanted rays out. Blue LEDs provide internal lighting, adding a different level of light protection.

Considering the size of your collection, available space, and budget, you will find many attractive options that will brighten any oenophile’s heart. Do some research, check out the reviews and choose the one that will keep your vino vintage perfect. À Votre santé!