May 30, 2024
Trends in Bath Design – Flathead Beacon

Think of a bathroom as more than just a utilitarian space that need only be used functionally. Envision it less as a bathroom and more of a suite, an addition to the primary bedroom or home, that invites you in and makes you want to stay. Creating a serene bath “suite” that inspires, brings perspective, and promotes mindfulness and self-care will take the everyday bathing experience to a whole new level. 

Less is more in the bathroom, consider a neutral design scheme. A serene and austere palette in the bathroom provides a blank canvas to subtly incorporate the function and beauty of signature bath products and all the itemsneeded in the ritual that is “getting ready.” 

Less is more but sterile is not inviting, think natural, when going neutral. Incorporating nature gives an earthly element and a grounding vibe. Trays of succulents, seashells, river rocks and pebbles all bring in a spa-like quality and a mother earth-style zen experience.

Self-care is the focus and a spa aesthetic can be just the ticket. Soft and warm terry cloth robes and towels invite a longer stay. Candles and slippers make paying attention to yourself that much more enjoyable. Add some serene music or a sound machine and stay awhile.

Hard surfaces like porcelain tile, natural stone and glass can come across as cold and uninviting. Incorporate some vintage furnishings into the bathroom. Warm tones of an antique wood cabinet add a layer of warmth. Keep the toes from freezing with an antique rug to step onto when you leave the tub, or standing in front of the vanity.

When selecting solid surfaces white marble is absolutely classic. It’s the little black dress of interior design, and a solid choice in any bathroom. It’s also a palette to express interior designs’ newfound penchant for mixed metals. And whether serene white walls or bold wallpaper, white marble is a chic timeless addition, with endless options in vein pattern and subtle undertone.

Layers are key to any good design, and the walls are not to be overlooked. Wall coverings have made a comeback in a big way. Grass-clothe wallpaper is a great way to bring in that natural element again. Bold prints and metallics are also making the cut. Going for statements of epic proportion in a bath isn’t unheard of, loud is proud and provides the perfect backdrop for the plumbing fixtures to take center stage. Speaking of plumbing fixtures: Mixed metal details in baths are the jewelry of the bathroom suite. Matte black has made a big splash, pun intended, in the last few years, but make sure to make some room for gold tones. No this isn’t your mother’s lacquered brass of the 1990s. Brushed and matte brasses are the new black.

Don’t forget a bathroom suite still has to function, but that does not mean it has to look purely functional. Update your toiletry vessels and storage solutions. Not all products look gorgeous sitting out for the world to see. But sometimes it is function over form, and that is especially the case in a bathroom. Clever storage solutions allow for easy access to your daily products and yet keep the space looking like the chic oasis that you intended.

Bathrooms have become just as important as the kitchen in terms of function and so too, like kitchens, bathrooms have needed to take on more and more in terms of how they service the home. But much like the kitchen bathrooms have left the dark ages of being the hidden utility room in the back of the home. Now bathrooms express the personality of their occupants and have become something to show off and spend time in. In a time of such uncertainty it is comforting to come home and have a space devoted to self-care. Bathroom suites are the new lounge for reflection and reinvigoration.