July 19, 2024
Top 10 kitchen appliances to prepare the ultimate breakfast

Mornings are probably the most hectic part of our daily routine! You have to get up, dress up, make breakfast for yourself (or others if you don’t live in a single-person household), prep your meals for the day, and basically, ensure your day kickstarts on an efficient and smooth note. The most important meal of the day is breakfast, and honestly, it’s the meal I’m the laziest and least enthusiastic to prepare. I’ll just grab a cup of coffee from my fav barista…thank you very much! However, I am making more efforts to ensure I have a healthy and balanced breakfast every morning, and a set of handy kitchen appliances that perfectly meet my breakfast requirements make my mornings much easier! From a refreshing slide-out toaster to a smart tea maker – here are a collection of nifty kitchen gadgets that are sure to help you start off your morning in the most fun, hassle-free and efficient manner possible.

1. The Slide Toaster

Harry Rigler wants to reinvent the trusted image of the toaster with a detour to the soft form design of this household kitchen appliance. That too keeping in mind the requirements of modern users, and the present as well as future design progression of kitchen interiors. Rather than being a pop-up toaster like most out there, this is the Slide toaster which rolls the toasting grill to the side like a rollable smartphone. The tray slides out – you put in the bread and slide it back in. The toasting process begins in the Slide toaster with an LED ring indicating the toasting level and completion.

2. The Gevi

A 2021 winner of the Red Dot Design Award, the Gevi rubbishes the notion that a coffee machine needs to look like a large, bulky, boxy appliance. The 2-in-1 coffee grinder and brewer are visually separated into their two parts. The appliance comes with a base platform that has its own dedicated weighing scale to help you weigh the beans before you add them to the grinder. The grinder comes with a bean hopper on the top to feed the beans in, while commercial-level 60mm flat steel burrs help create a consistent grind of your beans (while anti-static measures help prevent particles from sticking/clumping). The dose consistency from beans to powder of the appliance is around 0.2g.

3. The Eggland Poacher

Designed as a pool tube that floats in water, this food-grade silicone device makes poaching eggs absolutely stress-free. Just place the Eggland in almost-boiling water, add a few drops of oil, and crack the egg right into its cavity. The egg looks like it’s lounging away, while the hot water below it cooks it to oozy-yolk perfection. Pull the device out by the handle that’s modeled after an inflatable palm tree, and flip the egg over your ham and cheese sandwich to upgrade it to an absolutely divine Croque Madame sandwich.

4. Multiplug

Designed with flexible catering in mind, Multiplug brings a new and welcomed element to social dining! Whilst one day we might just be cooking for ourselves and our partner, the next may see the entire family coming together for an occasion, at which point just the one hot plate doesn’t stretch very far! Multiplug’s flexible design allows for up to five of the devices to be connected together at any one time! Daisy-chaining the hotplates means that the food is within reaching distance of everyone on the table… perfect for those large social gatherings that we love!

5. Gutiérrez Rincón’s Toaster

Gutiérrez Rincón’s toaster design maintains a simple control panel in a similar fashion to related Smeg products and gleams with a polished finish reminiscent of 50s household appliances. From its base, Gutiérrez Rincón’s toaster is conceptualized with stainless steel legs that slightly raise the toaster from the kitchen counter. Rounding out its short-legged base, a reflective red aluminum finish gives the toaster a bright, energetic profile. Along the side, users can find the toaster’s control panel that features a sliding knob that allows users to change the timing of the toaster, while small buttons give users options to heat, defrost, power off, or toast.

6. The All-in-One Coffee Grinder

Scaling the machine down to a handheld device, Hsu’s All-in-One Coffee Grinder is about the same size as a conventional, reusable water bottle. Suitable for a camping retreat or overnight road trip, the All-in-One Coffee Grinder can be packed into any suitcase or carry-on for a quick cup of coffee when the mood hits. Comprised of three primary modules, the All-in-One Coffee Grinder keeps its power core and key control interface towards the topmost module, just above the loading tray. At its center, the All-in-One Coffee Grinder hosts its loading compartment which users can fill with coffee beans to grind. From there, users can twist the top module for grinding. Before spilling into the filter extraction cup, a dust covering sifts the coffee grinds.


Made from stainless steel, with a PVD coating to give it a nice pop of color, the THRONE is a beautifully simplistic tripod that holds your soft-boiled egg in place as you dig into it. The THRONE celebrates the egg’s goodness by allowing you to admire it as you eat it. Its minimalist design does a mighty good job of holding the egg in place while also showing it off… hence the name. The simple form factor, apart from being unusual to look at, is also stackable, non-breakable, and works equally well with lemons, mandarins, strawberries, and perhaps a medium-sized avocado too.

8. The TEO Smart Tea Maker

The TEO Smart Tea Maker has a sleek, monochromatic design that has a coffeemaker feel but tries to bring attention to the tea extract itself by making that part transparent. It is made up of three main parts: the water tank which looks like your average industrial-looking teapot; the brewing section where you’re supposed to put the tea leaves and where the magic happens; and the transparent glass container where the brewed tea is poured into. There’s actually a 4th component, the base which looks like an induction stove but with fewer confusing buttons.

9. The Cookin’Pods

Designed to let you boil pasta, vegetables, or even eggs in water without having to fish in with a slotted spoon to retrieve them later, the Cookin’Pods rest directly on the rim of your saucepan with their base immersed in the water. When you want to take your food out, just grab a pair of gloves and pull the Cookin’Pods out. The pods automatically strain your food in a split second, saving you time and effort. There’s a certain convenience to the Cookin’Pods but their biggest advantage is their ability to let you easily compartmentalize your cooking. Imagine having to cook pasta in boiling water as well as blanch vegetables.

10. Fooding

Fooding, a new kitchen appliance concept from Yifeeling Design, combines the best of the microwave and air fryer. Turns out, we can have it all. Inspired by the bulbous shape of an astronaut’s helmet, Fooding merges the microwave’s traditional rectangular shape with the air fryer’s modern rounded edges. Similar to conventional microwaves, Fooding features an internal, rotating heat plate and a heat-strengthened glass covering so users can always keep an eye on their food. On Fooding’s left-hand side, a control panel features all of the different cooking options, including thaw, roast, air fry, heat, and slow cook, along with varying degrees of temperature.