June 16, 2024
The Best Blue Kitchen Cabinets (And Paints) For the Home

This is my desire kitchen area: It is ethereal and vibrant. Mild pours by way of a huge window behind a farmhouse sink. A heart island—peppered with bowls of produce—offers tons of area for sitting down, chopping, and ingesting wine. There is a glossy white backsplash and a creamy marble countertop. And anchoring it all are the most attractive dusty blue kitchen cupboards reminiscent of a stormy sky.

Blue is my interior style spirit color—and it seems, in accordance to coloration consultant Amy Wax, it is for many others these days. “There’s this kind of a craze about blue,” Wax tells me.

The Classic English Kitchen by deVOL graphic courtesy of deVOL

This helps make perception, offered how blue is a decidedly basic color, still also one that pushes boundaries. It’s not a neutral, per se, but it complements most décor and style and design. It can be moody and mystic, ethereal and calming, bold and interesting.

Blue in the Kitchen

Blue for the kitchen area is large suitable now. Wax is viewing the shade, equally on the darker and lighter finishes of the spectrum. gracing cabinets and partitions. “Blue in the kitchen area allows you to do something with self-assurance,” she claims, detailing how heading for blue kitchen cupboards is not a big possibility. “Blue doesn’t commit you to redecorate close to it—because it is this sort of a common color.”

So I dug a very little deeper into the blue spectrum with Wax. In this article she breaks down what’s trending in the blue earth. Moreover, she gives her perception into incorporating the colors, from inky navy to dusty cornflower, in the kitchen. Like with any hue or space, Wax suggests to go for the shades that pull at your coronary heart. “The kitchen is so individual. It’s a house where by you are innovative, shell out time with family, have a glass of wine at the stop of the working day,” she says. “So it wants to really feel appropriate for you.”

The Classic English Kitchen by deVOL image courtesy of deVOL

Like any color on the spectrum, blue incorporates multitudes. And within those multitudes are different energies. This great shade ranges from deep navy to medium sapphire to light sky. Wax is looking at a really like of two blue “camps” correct now: darker navies and lighter dusty blues.

A deep navy is “almost like black with a personality,” she suggests, introducing that there is an class and chicness to this darker shade. On the other conclude, the “dusty, cottage-y” blues, which Wax suggests are normally “feel-great hues,” are trending. Not to be mistaken with newborn blues, these lighter hues include a discerning attractiveness and lightness to a area.

Why Does Blue Work in the Kitchen?

Undoubtedly whites and grays have a tendency to choose all the kitchen area applause, but blue is a classic and complementary colour for the most beloved home in the household. Wax states that the trending darker and lighter blues complement kitchen hardware. Navy is really in-tune with brushed brash, she claims. And the lighter dusty blues enhance all steel fixtures, from nickel to brushed brass to matte black.

Picture by John Bessler, courtesy of Courtney Zanelli

The most critical suggestion when employing blue—or any color—in the kitchen is to feel in layers, says Wax. This tactic can help to steer clear of oversaturating the place. As well significantly of one shade in a kitchen “can practically tire your eyes,” she claims. If you have numerous kitchen area cupboards, Wax loves the method of painting the top portion white and the base blue.

Picture of Kim West’s kitchen area by Molly Culver

The 6 Finest Blue Kitchen area Paint Shades

From bold to dazzling, and darkish to gentle, these are the top rated paint shades for blue kitchen cabinets and past.

Darker Blues

There is no selection very as timeless as a deep, dark blue. If you are looking for longevity when it comes to your kitchen cupboards, this is a risk-free, but daring select.

Lighter Blues

Gentle blue paints operate the gamut from vintage to modern. Their dusty undertones build a comforting ambiance in a part of the home that’s frequently susceptible to stress.