May 30, 2024
The 20 best mirrors of 2022, from full-length to decorative

Who’s the fairest of them all? Well, as far as mirrors go, there are quite a few options that caught our attention.

While some may overlook the decorative, practical natures mirrors provide, the household accent piece adorns your wall (or space, if it’s full-length) in the best way possible.

We love our decorative wall art — don’t get us wrong — but mirrors are another way to add some neutral showpieces to your blank walls or open bedroom corners.

That said, we rallied up our 20 favorites across top retailers like Amazon (which we go to for nearly everything), Anthropologie and more to give you the best selection. We even tossed in bathroom mirrors and vanity mirrors to suit your homescape.

Ahead, shop our favorites. For more home finds, check out the best Amazon home items, the best dinnerware sets, the best faux plants and the best outdoor patio furniture to furnish your humble abode (oh, and our best vacuum cleaners review, to clean your space).

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Best Full-Length Mirrors

1. Mirrotek Over-the-Door Full-Length Mirror, $59, original price: $90

Mirrotek Over-the-Door  Full-Length Mirror

As a best-seller on Amazon, Mirrotek’s Over-the-Door Full-Length Mirror is versatile, crystal clear as can be and one of the most affordable mirrors in this edit. It also comes in gold and silver with no hardware required; simply click on the hooks and use it in your room.

2. NeuType Full-Length Mirror, $140

NeuType Full-Length Mirror

What we love about NeuType’s Full-Length Mirror is its ability to be wall-mounted or freestanding. Its sleek, cutting-edge modern feel is add-to-cart-worthy, too, and comes in a variety of sizes and finishes to choose from.

3. Ogcau Gold Full-Length Mirror, $160, original price: $180

Ogcau Gold Full-Length Mirror

Oh, how a gold arched mirror can make all the difference in your space. Pick up Ogcau’s Full-Length Mirror to match any room in your home, from your high-ceiling living room to the empty spot in your bedroom. Plus, it looks great with some pompous grass ($22).

4. LVSOMT Full-Length Lighted Mirror, $170

LVSOMT Full-Length Lighted Mirror

Now, this is a full-length mirror. To get the full experience — pun totally intended — grab LVSOMT’s Full-Length Lighted Mirror, an effective and showstopping piece for your home. Not to mention, its modern, brushed finish is a nice touch.

5. Reese Mirror, $598

Reese Mirror

Leaning more into decorative mirror territory is the Reese Mirror, one of Anthropologie’s finest. The accents bring some farmhouse vibes to your space without being too rustic and we love how much character this investment piece adds — a charmer for a lifetime.

Best Decorative Mirrors

1. RiteSune Rustic Round Decorative Mirror, $94, original price: $160

RiteSune Rustic Round Decorative Mirror

For less than $100 right now, you can’t beat the price RiteSune offers for its one-of-a-kind decor piece. It’s ornate, made of gorgeous polished wood and is perfect for just about any room in your home.

2. FirsTime & Co. Grandview Arched Window Mirror, $74

FirsTime & Co. Grandview Arched Window Mirror

If you’re a fan of the rectangular-mirror look, snag FirsTime & Co.’s Grandview Arched Window Mirror, a sleek yet rustic piece to adorn your walls or even rest upon your floating wall shelves. Plus, the intricate detail on the mirror itself is unmatched.

3. Skye Mirror, $498

Skye Mirror, gold

As a splurge we 100% recommend, the Skye Mirror from Anthropologie is offered in both freestanding and wall types to suit your space individually or as a matching bundle. Specifically, the eclectic, natural-inflected detail is too good to pass up.

4. Kohros Rectangle Frameless Beveled Glass Decoration Mirror, $301

Kohros Rectangle Framless Beveled Glass Decoration Mirror
The Home Depot

As one of our favorites to hang up behind your couch or bed frame, Kohros has a lovely beveled glass option that’s bound to garner plenty of compliments. From its modern, zippy design to its standard horizontal feel, it’ll add a unique touch to your home.

5. Glizthome Rustic Farmhouse Mirror, $131

Glizthome Rustic Farmhouse Mirror, round

If you’re considering purchasing either a mirror or some artwork for your home — don’t compromise. Glitzhome’s Rustic Farmhouse Mirror has a thick, oversize border that taps into the artwork look you like, but with an inner mirror component to get the best of both worlds.

Best Wall Mirrors

1. BeautyPeak Wall Mirror, $123

BeautyPeak Wall Mirror

Ah, the tried and true standard wall mirror. For less than $150, BeautyPeak’s design will seamlessly match any room in your home without an obtrusive border. Speaking of, its thin brushed metal border comes in different colors to select before checkout.

2. Patton Gold Ornate Wall Mirror, $68, original price: $100

Patton Gold Ornate Wall Mirror

For less than $75, Patton’s Gold Ornate Wall Mirror is one of our favorite styles that’s elaborate, but still budget-friendly. It adds a bit more of a “wow” factor to your space without being overbearing (and for that, we absolutely adore it).

3. Mercer41 Ocilla Beveled Wall Mirror, $208

Mercer41 Ocilla Beveled Wall Mirror

Perfectly poised and mounted pretty is Mercer41’s Ocilla Beveled Wall Mirror. Primmed to perfection, it’s the hint of added gold that will refresh your space and looks dynamite with white furniture.

4. Single Beveled Wall Mirror, $119, original price: $140

Single Beveled Wall Mirror

For a more affordable bathroom mirror, snag Overstock’s Single Beveled design. It has a nice textured edge and is a Goldilocks-perfect size — all for just $119 right now. Not to mention, the oval design will never go out of style.

5. Aerin Coral Wall Mirror, $695

Aerin Coral Wall Mirror
Williams Sonoma

As one of Williams Sonoma’s best-sellers, the Aerin Wall Mirror is detailed to the nines (just look at that border)! It’s the priciest mirror on this list but a fine one at that, and this option is even great to toss onto your wedding registry.

Best Vanity Mirrors

1. Horm Trifold Makeup Mirror with Lights, $30, original price: $40

Horm Trifold Makeup Mirror with Lights, pink

For less than $50, if you need a makeup mirror — Horm’s Trifold one is for you. With lights and different magnification settings, it’s a great tabletop mirror that is practical and one of our sworn-in favorites. Available in white and pink.

2. M Mivonda Lighted Makeup Vanity Mirror, $100

M Mivonda Lighted Makeup Vanity Mirror, white

Now, this is on our wishlist. Grab the M Mivonda Lighted Makeup Vanity Mirror that makes you feel like you’re getting ready for the Red Carpet. It’s fairly priced and will be one of the best investments you make if you love getting ready.

3. Homedex Bathroom LED Vanity Mirror, $215

Homedex Bathroom LED Vanity Mirror

Similarly, Homedex’s Bathroom LED Vanity Mirror is a more modern version of the bulb-facing mirror shown above. It’s sleek and even looks great in your bathroom for some lighted-up bliss when brushing your teeth (perhaps with one of our favorite electric toothbrushes).

4. Aperture Triptych Vanity Mirror, $398

Aperture Triptych Vanity Mirror

Anthropologie does it yet again with its Aperture Triptych Vanity Mirror, a tabletop option that looks wonderful when placed atop your dresser. For applying makeup and dressing yourself in fine jewelry, it’s a great addition to your room.

5. Gleaming Primrose Vanity Mirror, $168

Gleaming Primrose Vanity Mirror, gold

If there’s any vanity mirror “Bridgerton” would approve of, it’s this one right here. Add the Gleaming Primrose Vanity Mirror to feel like a Queen every day. Notably, we covet the fine detailing and vintage yet classic feel.

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