June 24, 2024
Monrovia’s On-Demand Webinar Provides Tips For Unleashing Your Inner Artist

Artistry in the Garden – Elevating Creativity and Connecting to Nature

Azusa, California – As spring transitions to summer, our gardens should be evolving too. That’s why Monrovia’s latest webinar is offering design ideas and beautiful new plant options to perk up your garden for the summer season.

The Artistry in the Garden webinar features Monrovia’s trend spotter and chief marketing officer, Katie Tamony, and plant expert, Georgia Clay. The two offer ways to refresh your garden for summer entertaining, rejuvenating, and relaxing.

The discussion encourages us all to look at the garden as our own personal canvas. “You don’t have to consider yourself a designer or an artist to be creative in the garden,” says Tamony. “Noticing when nature is being artistic is the first step. Then allow yourself to add personal touches to create a feeling or mood.” This discussion offers expert advice to elevate your garden design with unexpected plant combinations, on-trend summer color palettes, and unique textures and patterns.

See what trends they’re forecasting for summer, such as blooms in country butter yellow for cottage gardens,  and sherbet shades for juicy, upscale color. Discover the draw of Bohemian Purples, pairing intense regal hues such as the blooms of Dark MatterTM Salvia with the silvery-white and green foliage of Maiden Grass.

Spend a moment in the garden with us on Monrovia’s YouTube channel. You’ll find the Artistry in the Garden webinar and many other inspiring plant videos, timely tips, and answers to many common garden questions.

Join us for our next live webinar – Waterwise Gardening 2022 on June 8th at 11 A.M. PDT. Click here to reserve your spot.

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