July 19, 2024
Mondrian Inspired This Dallas Kitchen Renovation | Architectural Digest

Pendant: Herman Miller George Nelson Bubble Pendant

Cabinet pulls: RDEXP wooden handles

AFTER: The geometric details were hand-cut and the black staining for the cabinets was applied multiple times to get the right look.


Refrigerator: Samsung Family Hub 4 Door Flex. “This took the place of their family calendar, memo board, and the cameras inside come in handy if you are at the grocery store and need to check to see if you need to restock anything,” Kim says.

Cooktop: Samsung Smart Induction Cooktop

Microwave and oven: Samsung Flex Duo Convection Microwave & Oven. “This saved them from using space on a double oven, which they rarely use,” Kim says.

Most insane splurge: The sliding door. “It hadn’t really occurred to me that I could actually make it happen,” says Kristen, the homeowner, who had seen a similar door at a juice bar and put it on her Pinterest board for inspiration. “Sure enough, I gave [the image] to my contractor, and he came up with a creative solution. He stacked over 50 pieces of particle board together in thin layers and then cut them out in unique shapes like a jigsaw puzzle. The door weighs a ton and has the design on both sides, so it adds an artistic flair to both my kitchen and the living area on the other side—which helps tie the rooms together.”

AFTER: “To hide their appliances and give plenty of storage space, we added a cabinet at the end of the kitchen that gave the homeowners ample room for all kitchen appliances and also gave them the coffee serving station the husband really desired—it was his only request,” Kim says.