December 1, 2023
Maya Vander of ‘Selling Sunset’ opens Miami real estate firm


Maya Vander, who has been a main cast member on “Selling Sunset” since the Netflix reality show’s premiere in 2019, has announced that she’s opening her own firm, this one based in Miami.

The real estate entrepreneur, 40, revealed the news on her Instagram.

“So excited to continue to share this new chapter. Miami we’re taking over! 🌇” she wrote in the caption about her business, which is called the Maya Vander Group.

“We are all working hard & pushing everyday. We love and respect our clients, which is SO important in order to be successful in real estate,” she added.

She then plugged her long-in-the-making firm’s separate Instagram account.

Rumors of Vander’s departure from “Selling Sunset” have been swirling for months, gaining steam on the heels of the tragic news that the reality star’s latest pregnancy ended in a stillbirth in December 2021.

Maya Vander on the red carpet at the 2019 Critics' Choice Real TV Awards.
Vander is bi-coastal between Los Angeles and Miami.

“I know I have no choice but [to go] back to work and my old routine … That being said, it’s been difficult to still process and seek answers,” Vander, who has two kids with husband David Miller, told The Post at the time.

Vander had already been balancing her professional engagements as a real estate agent between markets in Los Angeles — where she worked for the Oppenheim Group, the firm at the center of “Selling Sunset” — and Miami, where she has had her own ventures underway.

While she had spent Season 1 through Season 3 of “Selling Sunset” in Los Angeles, where she had been living continuously for nearly two decades, throughout Season 4, she was regularly commuting between the two cities.