June 17, 2024
Love Meal Prep With These Must-Have Kitchen Gadgets | Lifestyles
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If you’re new to the kitchen, a professional chef, or just want a few fresh ideas, this is the list for you! Read on to find out our must-have gadgets for the kitchen. 

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Gadgets For: Setting Up Your Prep Area

You can save yourself a lot of time if you prep food beforehand. Wash and cut up vegetables as you unpack your groceries, prep for the upcoming week on Sunday, or get ingredients ready for that night’s dinner in the morning. To make this process even more efficient, you’ll need prep bowls. There are many containers to choose from, so pick something that’ll work well for your counter and refrigerator! 

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Don’t forget about a good cutting board! Wooden boards are durable and have a nice feel but aren’t as easy to clean and sanitize as other materials. You should also have separate boards for cutting different items to prevent cross-contamination (meat on one board, veggies on another). 

Gadgets For: Chopping

Most of your meal prep will consist of cutting, chopping, and slicing. Investing in a good set of knives is one of the best gifts you can give yourself. Make sure to include a pair of kitchen scissors that will come in handy when snipping fresh herbs as well as opening packages. 

A mandoline is hands-down one of the best chopping gadgets you can get. It’ll speed up your prep time and allow you to cut vegetables thinly and uniformly. Be careful, though – the blades are super sharp!

Don’t want to do the slicing yourself? Food choppers make quick work of chopping nuts and making salsa, pesto, and other sauces (among other things!)

A good garlic press is a helpful time-saver as well. Look for one that has a spiked cleaning attachment to dislodge the garlic remains.

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Gadgets For: Measuring

Store your measuring cups and spoons close to your prep area. A glass measuring cup helps save you from using multiple cups, and various measuring conversions come in handy.

Ready to toss your cups and spoons and switch to a digital scale? In addition to saving on dishes, scales can improve your baking with more accurate measurements. 

Gadgets For: Storage

One time-saving tip is to prep double batches and freeze one for later. To do this, it’s helpful to have a vacuum sealer. Look for one that allows for different sized bags, has replacement bags that won’t break the bank, and is easy to store. 

Beeswax makes for an environmentally-friendly and versatile food storage option. Biodegradable and compostable, beeswax works well for wrapping partially used fruits and vegetables. 

Squeeze bottles are a great addition to your kitchen for both prep and storage. If you buy in bulk, you can use them to store more manageable quantities of your favorite oils, sauces, and condiments. Like to make your own salad dressing? Fill up these bottles for easy storage, and as a bonus, they’re great for adding a decorative touch to your meals. 

Gadgets For: Planning

Meal planning saves time and money. Having fun tools can make planning fun! If you get most of your recipes online, have a tablet that stays in the kitchen with all of your favorite sites bookmarked. If you prefer paper, keep a 3-ring binder for your printer recipes. A pretty stand will hold up your tablet, paper recipe, or cookbooks for easy reading.

A meal planning board is a great way to have a visual for the whole family to see what’s for dinner. All you need is a whiteboard, and some different colored dry erase markers to get started! You can even create a meal planning binder to keep your meals in one place for months at a time.

Ready to plan and prep nutritious meals for your family? Add a few of these helpful gadgets to your kitchen to make prepping easier, faster, and more fun!