July 15, 2024
Looking to renovate your kitchen? Try these quick, easy design tips

Thinking of remodeling your kitchen — and thinking the better of it when you hear the horror stories about how hard a project like that is these days? Between supply chain issues, wild cost increases, and the near impossibility of finding skilled tradesmen available to perform the work, it’s enough to make anyone leave well enough alone. I’m in the final weeks of a nearly two-year-long whole-house renovation project so I can tell you firsthand, that it’s tough out there.

But what’s a person to do if their kitchen is feeling tired and in need of a pick-me-up?

Well, a lot, actually! 

To get some ideas for a more minor kitchen refresh that doesn’t call for a single hammer or power tool, I chatted with local designer T.K. Wismer of Department of the Interiors. From $5 and five minutes up to a few hundred dollars (OK maybe more for appliances) and a few hours, her kitchen refresh suggestions are totally doable ― and several would work just as well for renters as for homeowners.

So here are her tips for how to upgrade your kitchen on a budget.

How to add peel-and-stick wallpaper to your kitchen

Looking to renovate your kitchen? Try these quick, easy design tips

If you think wallpaper is making a comeback, Wismer wants you to know it never left. What’s new though, is an abundance of temporary wall coverings. 

“We’re seeing expressive designs coming into the kitchen space,” Wismer says, and “people are getting more comfortable with using color and then kind of personalizing those spaces.”

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