April 16, 2024
Jason Alexander’s Thoughts On This Bathroom Design Has Us All Thinking The Same Thing

Whilst there are quite a few universities of believed about the environmentally friendly bathtub stairway that is on everyone’s mind, cat fans are sure to understand completely purposeful feline accommodations when they see them. When it may well be very simple curiosity or a appreciate of water that drives your cat to be current each individual time you bathe (for every Hepper), providing a route for your feline buddy is a nice gesture, primarily when the lip of your tub has minimal clearance. 

On the other hand, some Twitter commenters (who have clearly never ever been scratched by a incredibly wet and frightened cat) have dissenting views. Some opine that the toilet is in a basement condominium, and the miniature stairs are a clever aspect built to carry the place up to code. Some others surmise that the stairs are in fact little shelves and serve the critical operate of blocking off ugly plumbing leftover from going the location of the bathtub. 

Even though we might by no means know the real origin of this rest room, a person point is for selected: Unless you will find a demise-defying cat out there that necessitated this exceptional structure, there ended up possibly really a handful of human beings who contributed to these an unfortunate style and design.