July 15, 2024
Instagram Bathroom Styling Hacks, Products, Display Ideas

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Interiors Instagram is a wild place. Depending on who you follow, it’s easy to believe that “everyone” is #blessed with a sprawling estate and limitless decor budget — but can we get real for a minute? You really, truly don’t need to be a gazillionaire to have a beautiful home. Case in point: the bathroom. This is one room that’s often overlooked as an opportunity to flex your style, and you don’t need to undergo an expensive renovation to make your WC the GOAT.

You’d be surprised how much a few styling tricks can transform a bathroom. All you need is a vision for the space (and sparkling-clean surfaces — you’ve gotta tidy up before snapping photos). A few quick bathroom styling hacks: the toilet seat should always, always, always be down for photos. Bright colors capture attention on Instagram, but neutral-hued textiles also pop when they have visible texture. You can make towels look thicker and fluffier by inserting a rolled-up magazine to puff things up. Essential supplies like cotton swabs look pleasing when arranged in glass storage. Fresh flowers and hanging houseplants, a stylish showerhead, and framed art elevate the look of any bathroom. And as always, less is more — so tuck your toothpaste tube away.

Ready for more bathroom styling ideas so you can become an Instagram bathroomfluencer? (It’s a word — we’re calling it.) Read on for tips, along with shopping ideas to take your space to the next level.