July 15, 2024
I’m a home design expert and there are 5 kitchen trends you need to avoid

A HOME DESIGN expert warned against five kitchen trends that could leave a room looking cold and greasy.

The aesthetic of your kitchen can make or break a home. It’s one of the rooms most people spend a considerable amount of time in, cooking or entertaining. How you decorate it, therefore, is crucial.

Experts say an all-white kitchen is a mistake that can leave it lookin outdated


Experts say an all-white kitchen is a mistake that can leave it lookin outdatedCredit: Getty

Homes and Gardens came up with an expert list of the trends to avoid at all costs, as well as those that are passing fads to ensure your kitchen stays in style for the long haul.

All white-kitchens

Style gurus say while there is always a place for white in the kitchen, whether through the cabinetry or countertops, going the all-white route is a mistake that could leave your kitchen feeling “soulless and instantly more outdated.”

“All-white kitchens are too cold and sterile,” says North Carolina-based designer Tula Summerford from Design by Tula.

To modernize and transform your white kitchen ideas Tula suggests interrupting a cold palette with warm hues, wood, or stone accessories to add depth and interest.

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Open-plan kitchens

According to bespoke kitchen designer Tom Howley, “when it comes to kitchen layout ideas, first, you should consider zoning the space instead of going with a free open plan.”

He says they have been popular, but the trend may be waning.

Instead, he says people are looking to separate their food-prep stations from where they entertain to enable working, relaxing and dining in specific areas.

Patterned backsplashes

When used correctly, experts say patterned tiles are an impactful way to add personality. However, designer Nishtha Sadana suggests avoiding these tiles on your kitchen backsplash, which can make it appear “chaotic.”

Open shelving

The open shelving debate is a favorite amongst designers, but real estate experts have warned that this trend could impact more than the aesthetic of your home.

“Open-kitchen shelving looks good if you’re immaculate but should also be used sparingly. Otherwise, it’s a highly impractical design feature and difficult to maintain,” warns Ryan Kaplan, real estate agent for Douglas Elliman.

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And Christine Tanaka, a designer from Harmony Interiors says open shelving can leave your kitchen shelves exposed and looking greasy.


Finally, 1st Dibs’ recent Interior Design Trend Survey revealed that navy is falling out of favor amongst homeowners, especially in the kitchen.  If you must have it, experts say stick to a small amount in one spot, like on a kitchen island.

Open-plan kitchens are a fading trend according to style experts


Open-plan kitchens are a fading trend according to style expertsCredit: Getty
Experts say navy is no longer en vogue, especially in the kitchen


Experts say navy is no longer en vogue, especially in the kitchenCredit: Getty

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