December 2, 2023
Big Design Upgrades for Your Small Bathroom

We all get caught in the trap of wishing for the picture-perfect bath interiors we spy as we scroll online. But when it comes to actually upgrading our bathrooms, what decor we choose often comes down to a question of space.

Will that enormous claw-foot tub we saved on Pinterest really fit in our cozy (OK, small!) bathroom? And we know it’s pretty, but can a tiny water closet truly accommodate a stone-tiled, walk-in shower?

If the answer to these questions is a resounding “No,” keep reading. We promise your dream bathroom remodel doesn’t have to be limited by the confines of a tight space. And so we scoured the latest and greatest design trends on Instagram to bring you this list of the friendliest, trendiest small-bathroom upgrades.

Here are five fresh (and big) ideas to remake your bijou bathroom (without knocking down any walls).

1. Funky standalone sink

Counters might be functional, but they’re also space hogs—especially in a small bathroom. When you’re ready to ditch your old-school countertops for something with a compact footprint, check out this eclectic standalone sink from @thistimeincolour.

“Small bathrooms crave this look and style of the funky standalone sink,” says designer Megan Nelson, of Nest with the Nelsons. “This modernized take on a retro look screams function and forward-thinking style.”

Get the look: Bring some modern glam into your space with this Bocchi wall-mounted sink.

2. Palm frond walls

If updating hardware and major mainstays isn’t your thing, we’ve got a more straightforward upgrade for your small bathroom. Try opening up the space by adding some color and texture to your walls, as we see in this repost from @tania_decohome.

“This look of palms on the wall is just the perfect touch of whimsy for any en suite bathroom or powder room,” says Nelson. “Let your walls do the talking and take you away to a relaxing retreat. A print adds a little something extra to your bathroom getaway without going overboard.”

Get the look: Find the perfect palm fronds for your bathroom by shopping this collection on Etsy.

3. Vintage bathroom runner rug

Sometimes all a little bathroom needs is a bit of extra color and comfort. Enter this vintage runner rug from @ariannescheffer.

“Sometimes decor is all about the vintage,” says designer Rebekah Correll, of Transparent Interiors. “Runners such as the one pictured are classic decor elements pulled from vintage designs. These once-traditional looks are being incorporated into modern spaces to warm them up and bring character.”

Get the look: Achieve the vintage look at a bargain price with this Halstead Southwestern runner.

4. All olive

Sometimes the best way to create an even cozier space in a tight, dark bathroom is to embrace that energy with an earthy monochromatic paint job as seen in this post from @kaysillustrations.

“Monochromatic is the new thing,” says Correll. “Paint your walls, ceiling, and trim work the same color to make a bold statement.”

Get the look: Bring on the sultry olive vibes with this PPG Ultralast interior paint.

5. Continuous towel rack

Another way to design-hack your way through a barely functional, diminutive bathroom? By incorporating elements that do double duty—like this continuous towel rack featured by @blancmarineliving.

“Rustic flair meets function with this built-in towel rack,” says Nelson. “It’s the perfect addition to any tight washroom while providing maximum function. The gold adds a little extra oomph to tie the look altogether.”

Get the look: Take your pick of towel bars with this infinite collection from Lowe’s.