June 18, 2024
AXOR translates personalities into three distinctive bathroom designs

AXOR Shares Insights Around bathroom individualization


The bathroom has ceased to be a space solely dedicated to function; it is gradually becoming a place to express one’s wishes, desires and tastes as a distinctly private space. A ‘bathroom with personality’ was AXOR‘s brief when it came to modelling three exclusive conceptual spaces for well-being, where each ambience portrays and expresses the individual art of distinction. Including an 80s-inspired bold design, a calming sea-side project in Lisbon, as well as Cape Town’s earthen tones and warmth, the different aesthetics speak volumes of the diversity in personalization that an intimate space can acquire. 

AXOR translates personalities into three distinctive bathroom designs
‘A place to inspire creativity’ developed with the AXOR Citterio E collection

all images courtesy of AXOR



‘Our products are designed by personalities and for personalities’


Founded in 1993 with the mission of bringing character into the bathroom, AXOR is specially positioned to facilitate the conversation of ‘Distinctive’, which is deeply rooted in the brand’s own approach to design, collaboration, and innovation. For more than 25 years, the company has collaborated with world-renowned designers to shape water-related spaces that express the unique personalities of its users.


‘Our products are designed by personalities and for personalities. This is reflected in the AXOR product portfolio, which stands apart with its vast variety of styles. AXOR amplifies the possibilities for personal expression with AXOR FinishPlus, an array of exclusive colors, and takes individualization to the extreme with AXOR Signature, the ultimate in bespoke services,’ says Anke Sohn, Head of Global Brand Marketing AXOR.

AXOR translates personalities into three distinctive bathroom designs
‘A place to create one’s image’ with 80s-inspired bathroom aesthetics



AXOR’s ‘distinctive’ campaign touches on intimate luxury


AXOR ‘Distinctive’ shares some of the most important insights and perspectives surrounding the

individualization of private living spaces. With globalization advancing and a sense of sameness through standardized products and one-size-fits-all solutions, people everywhere seek more personal expressions of luxury, style and well-being. With this in mind, AXOR rises the demand of users to experience spaces and objects that reflect one’s own personality. Notably, bathrooms are of particular importance as the products people interact with and touch define the intimate act of self-care.


‘How can architects and interior designers better understand their clients’ personal evolving desires, developing distinctive and sustainable long-term solutions that give meaning and satisfaction for years to come? And how can their clients get to spaces designed for their very individual needs?’ asks Anke Sohn.

AXOR translates personalities into three distinctive bathroom designs
AXOR Starck faucets and AXOR Starck Nature Shower express individual authenticity in ‘A place to be oneself’



With ambience ‘A place to create one’s image’,  the Singapore-situated bathroom celebrates the interplay of light and materials, from dark stone to slatted wood to shaped glass. The large circular mirror, wide washbasin and free-standing bathtub evoke a personality that is bold, authentic and decisive – distinctive attributes that find a natural reflection in the AXOR Edge faucets at the washbasin and bathtub. With its diamond-cut surfaces, finished here in Polished Gold Optic, the collection epitomizes individual style. The AXOR ShowerHeaven and AXOR Universal Rectangular Accessories contribute to the aesthetic with clear, rectilinear forms.