June 16, 2024
A Hanging Fruit Basket Is the Space-Saving Kitchen Item You Need

If you’re tired of throwing away produce that ripened too quickly, try hanging it up!

Do you remember a hanging fruit basket in Grandma’s kitchen? They’ve come a long way since the clunky wire mesh days. Not only are hanging fruit baskets more aesthetically pleasing, they extend the life of your produce and clear up kitchen counter real estate.

The right hanging fruit basket just might be the best addition to your kitchen work area since the KitchenAid mixer attachment organizer and the bestselling Amazon silicone utensil rest. Pick your favorite fruit basket and let your produce serve as an edible work of hanging art.

What is a hanging fruit basket?

A hanging fruit basket is typically a series of tiered bowls joined by string, rope, chains or other strong material designed to hang from a hook. “Not only are hanging fruit baskets pretty to look at, but they’re also a super practical use of vertical space, freeing up room on your island or countertop,” explains Yoselin Castro, a senior interior designer at Mackenzie Collier Interiors. “Hanging baskets offer an alternative look to counter bowls and come in various types of materials depending on what kind of product you’re planning on storing.”

Why is a hanging fruit basket useful?

These vintage-inspired fruit savers are suspended in the air, so they don’t ever touch counters and save precious kitchen real estate. “Fruit baskets that hang clear clutter because they don’t take up space on the counter which allows you to have more surface for all of the cooking and food prep,” Castro adds, suggesting these back-in-style beauties are ideal for small kitchens and crowded workspaces. “Keeping counters free of extra clutter allows your countertops to stay cleaner as well! This can also help when you don’t want your fruit and vegetables to decompose quickly if they are left sitting on the countertop. Fruit baskets, whether they are hung below a cabinet or from the ceiling are the best option to ensure clean and fresh fruit.”

They’re also extremely useful if you prefer to ripen your produce in the open air rather than storing them in the fridge and promise to never crowd your tidy kitchen island cart.

Benefits of a hanging fruit basket versus a bowl

  • Fruit baskets suspended in the air don’t take up counter space
  • They are typically tiered, offering more storage space than a single bowl
  • Ideal for ripening produce at room temperature
  • Easy to keep fruit at eye level—encouraging healthy eating
  • Helps eliminate the problem of produce spoiling on countertops and staining porous materials like marble, granite and Formica

Where to Buy a Hanging Fruit Basket

The best fruit baskets come in a variety of styles and materials, and there’s no reason to stick to the wire mesh version we all had as kids (unless you want to). It’s easy to find trend-forward colors and materials to suit all sorts of kitchen design ideas.

Wall-Mounted Fruit Basket

Hanging+fruit+basket Ecomm Via Wayfair.com

via wayfair.com

Time to file those fruits away! This clever wall-mounted fruit basket offers three 10-by-12-inch compartments via a file storage-like system for keeping fruits and veggies off the countertops. It’s also easy to wipe down and the mesh design makes it a cinch to see if it’s time to use any produce that’s about to go bad.

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Wicker 3-Tier Hanging Basket

Hanging Cotton Storage Basket Silo Ecomm Via Walmart

via walmart.com

This two-tone wicker take on the old fruit-holding classic is the design-forward touch your kitchen needs. It offers three good-sized baskets to hold everything from bananas to pears and is an easy way to add farmhouse style and charm to the most-used room in the house.

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Wire 3-Tier Hanging Basket

Caaxa 3 Tier Metal Hanging Basket Ecomm Via Amazon.com

via amazon.com

This bestselling wire version boasts thousands of enthusiastic Amazon reviews. The sleek, matte black finish adds modern design while the alloy steel construction makes it a rust-free piece that will last for years. You can buy it in white or chrome, too—just in case you want the full vintage experience.

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Gold Wire Fruit Basket

Gold Tier Fruit Basket Ecomm Via Target.com

via target.com

This statement piece is a two-for-one kind of deal. You can hang it from a sturdy hook under a kitchen cabinet or shelf when you need to free up counter space, or leave it as a gorgeous table centerpiece brimming with fresh fruit when you have guests over. The trendy gold-tone hardware is a fun style statement, too.

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Porcelain Hanging Fruit Basket

Porcelain Fruit Basket Ecomm Via Etsy

via etsy.com

Whether you’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts to store, bananas or anything else, this fine white porcelain duo of baskets is sure to impress. Each piece is hand-carved with a geometric texture and then suspended with high-quality leather cording. It’s a design element that is sure to get your guests talking, too. Fruit bowl meets modern art.

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Handmade Macrame Hanging Fruit Basket

Hanging Macrame Fruit Basket Ecomm Via Overstock

via overstock.com

This affordable two-tiered macrame fruit basket is a lightweight piece that’s easy to hang from a ceiling or under-cabinet hook. It adds texture to all-white and otherwise sterile-feeling kitchens, and makes it easy to store produce without worry.

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