July 15, 2024
7 Genius Solutions to Your Biggest Bedroom Challenges

Struggling with a less than ideal sleep space? We’ve dreamt up the solution, tackling everything from a not-so-comfy bed to a truly unfortunate odor to a bedroom that’s painfully light on storage.

And, rest assured: These elegant fixes are fast, affordable (thanks to IKEA’s accessible price points), and totally doable—even for the most toolbox-averse among us. Better yet, they’ll make it easier to get the rest you deserve. So dive in, we’re helping you create a true inner sanctum with simple solutions to your most nagging bedroom issues.

Problem No. 1: Unattractive bed

Solution: Losing sleep over how your bed looks in the space? If you long for a more-attractive spot for chilling with your favorite show or just snuggling up with a page-turner, why not invest in new bedding? With quilted bedspreads and knit throws in a wide range of patterns and shades, IKEA offers plenty of options that will completely change the look of your bed. Layer on a few decorative throw pillows for an added punch.

ikea bed


Problem No. 2: Minuscule closet

Solution: A teensy storage space becomes a huge issue when you’re faced with a wardrobe you love and no spot to stash it. Though you could go the armoire route, a clothes rack is an even easier, more affordable fix. Plus it allows you to put your favorite fashions on display.

ikea clothes rack


Problem No. 3: No place convenient to charge a phone

Solution: Stop fiddling with (or searching for) your phone cord and get plugged in the modern way with a wireless charger you can keep atop your nightstand. Because those emails—and, let’s be real, social feeds—aren’t going to read themselves in the morning.

ikea phone charger


Problem No. 4: Musty odor

Solution: If no amount of cleaning or window opening can shoo away that stale smell, IKEA offers some—ahem—scent-sational solutions. Set the mood of your choice with candles that range from fresh fruit to floral or diffuse the situation with a sleek vase and scented sticks.

ikea candles


Problem 5: Messy, overflowing drawers

Solution: If you have to dig through four seasons of clothes to find what you want every time you get dressed, it’s time to box yourself in. Whether you opt for clothes boxes or drawer dividers, you’re just one spring cleaning-filled afternoon away from a streamlined space.

ikea drawer organizers


Problem No. 6: Large windows that let in a ton of light

Solution: Admittedly this doesn’t sound problematic on the surface—who doesn’t love a bright and airy space? Until it’s 6 a.m. on a Saturday and you’re forced to rise with the sun. Fortunately, a quick and easy installation of black-out shades or drapes will guarantee you remain out like a light well past dawn.

ikea blackout shades


Problem No. 7: Creaky floorboards

Solution: Consider this a “squeaky wheel gets the grease” situation. Sprinkling baby powder or baking soda over the noisy spot—you’ll want to really work it into the cracks—should keep the boards from rubbing together. For extra noise cancellation, top the area with a rug (and anti-slip rug pad to keep it in place) to dull any errant creaks.

ikea rugs


For more bedroom design inspiration, browse IKEA’s gallery of serene sleep spaces.

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