July 19, 2024
6 Best Bedroom Decorating Trends for 2022
colefax and fowler bowood pattern adorns the guest room

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Out of all the rooms within a home, none may be as personal as the bedroom. It’s the place many of us go to find a sense of calm and solace, fully rest and relax, and prep for the day to come. After all, the bedroom should be a direct example of your own personal style. While you may have already found the perfect paint color for the walls and plushest sheets for the bed, it’s important to think about whether your bedroom is meeting the needs of your lifestyle. After taking inventory, you may find it’s time for a little bedroom refresh.

In 2022, we’re seeing bedroom design trends move towards a more casual, yet still luxe approach. Less is more with artisanal-made pieces and organic linens trumping over-the-top furnishings and overly buzzy patterns. Smart technology continues to be a top ask for designers. Clients are requesting more seamless integration where the television rises from a concealed hiding place or the Martha Stewart-approved blinds close with a simple voice command.

We asked the nation’s top designer to share which bedroom decorating trends will rule in the second half of the year. Find out what unexpected colors you should think about incorporating into your bedroom color scheme and why you should be looking up for design inspiration.

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In recent years, people have created their bedrooms to serve as rejuvenating havens. However, instead of focusing on more furnishings, designer Susan Massey of Bohlert Masse notes a movement towards a more casual luxury aesthetic “with fewer embellishments, but finer materials.”

People are incorporating more antique brown furniture to make the room feel grander while also instilling a sense of history into the bedroom. There’s also a strong interest in custom pieces such as upholstered headboards that make the room feel chic and truly one of a kind. Decorator Jaclyn Genovese of Spaces By Jacflash says, “The headboard is the biggest statement in the bedroom, so investing in something that is perfectly designed for your lifestyle and personal taste is a must.”

Move over neutral and white bedrooms; it’s time for the moody palette to shine! More saturated and deeper palettes have started making their way to the bedroom as they give these spaces a sense of depth and assert relaxing qualities.

“The moody color palettes are a perfect enhancement to a bedroom space—it’s still calming while adding a little oomph to the design and aesthetic,” explains Lisa Davey of Thirteen Oak Interior Design Studio.

Chocolate brown, soothing blues, and even juicy cranberries create a soothing oasis, while natural material and fibers help to ground and temper the rich shades from feeling gloomy.

More and more, clients are asking designers to look for ways to dress up the fifth walls, or the ceilings, throughout their home—including in the bedroom. While some may many opt to paper the ceiling in a busy pattern, Massey notes it’s more about highlighting details, such as painting the beams a bold color or creating a coffered look. It’s all about adding an unexpected layer of interest without making the room feel overwhelming.

Less is more when it comes to dressing the bed these days. Throw pillows may have been popular in years past, but lately, designers are noting a shift towards using more natural bed linens and playing with the scale.

“Designers are scaling back and making it about the way the bed is actually styled,” says Elisa Baran of Elisa Baran, LLC. “They are doing this through playing with the size of a duvet, adding a bed skirt for visual appeal, throwing on a textured throw for contrast, or using a unique shaped pillow such as a bolster pillow for that added oomph.”

The integration of smart technology throughout the home continues to be a dominating trend in the interior design industry. Though clients are asking for these additions of automated blinds, rising televisions, and digital art frames to blend into the room’s decor more seamlessly. In addition, designer Summer Jensen of Hawk & Co. points out that more of her clients are asking for coffee and champagne bar areas within their bedroom to give the space the ultimate retreat-like experience.

“Maybe it’s a nightcap or an easy place to refill a glass of wine rather than going all the way back to the kitchen,” says Jensen. “Or, maybe it’s your late-night ice cream stash. Even better, perhaps it’s where you start your day with a cup of coffee in bed. The area is basically like the mini bar from your favorite hotel room.”

Just as much as adults need a room they can adore and call their own, children need that too. Rather than playing into cliches, today’s children’s rooms showcase the very best of design by balancing creativity and practicality. The rooms are playful enough that the child wants to spend their time in the space, but still chic enough that they won’t grow out of the room too soon.

“Children love entertaining in their rooms as much as anyone, and it’s always so sweet to me when they want to show their rooms off,” says Massey.

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