July 15, 2024
5 Luxe Bathroom Decor Upgrades for 0 or Less

One thing we DIY designers can sometimes get wrong about tackling bathroom design is having an “all or nothing” approach. Yep, many of us think there’s only one choice when imagining a bathroom zhuzh—an all-out renovation. We dream only of a designer space with a walk-in shower and fancy glow backlighting.

But if that decor is more long-off fantasy than reality, maybe it’s time to work with what you have—which might just be pretty great.

So if you feel like you’re stuck with a mundane, all-white tile washroom or a slightly dated sink, maybe, in reality, you have the gift of a blank canvas.

That’s why this week’s decor trends from Instagram are all about building on that clean slate by offering easy, one-off pieces that can remake your bathroom without breaking the budget on a complete reno.

Here are five easy-peasy bathroom looks for under $100 that will instantly brighten up your space.

No. 1: Sunny bathmat

One of our favorite ways to rethink the bathroom (on a budget) starts with a fun, bright bathmat, like this one from @bohofrisco.

“I don’t know anybody that wouldn’t be attracted to that sunny bathmat,” says ​​Sean Martorana, an artist and designer. “It’s fashionable and can work with a lot of different decor styles. And coming out of a shower newly cleansed, the first step you take is towards the sun. It’s a boost of visual energy that you will take with you.”

Get the look: Bring some vital fire energy into your bathroom with this Sun Bath Mat.

No. 2: Golden wreath mirror

Another way to instantly upgrade the visual appeal of your bathroom? With a swanky mirror brought to us by @ninawilliamsblog.

“With a frame like this, your mirror is claiming that you are royalty from the inside out,” says Martorana. “It’s representative of a crown, and the natural inspiration in its Calluna leaves cleanses the way we see ourselves. So put this mirror wherever you want people to feel their best.”

Get the look: Start thinking about your regal reflection with this Antique Gold Laurel Wreath Mirror.

No. 3: Eggshell-speckled backsplash

If you’re looking to get a little more involved in your bathroom upgrades, then an eggshell backsplash like this one from @originalbtc might be just the thing.

“We all want our homes to look sparkly clean,” says Devin Shaffer, lead designer at Decorilla Online Interior Design. “However, builder-grade materials have left many clients confused about how to maintain their homes and keep things looking fresh. A bathroom that has more patterned and naturally textured materials will become your best friend, as it will always hide dust and dirt.”

Get the look: Keep your backsplash looking fresh and clean with this Terrazzo Tile from Etsy.

No. 4: Wallpapered cabinets

We love a good DIY, and these wallpapered cabinets from @nikkilevyinteriors really scratch that itch.

“Art has no boundaries, and design is the vehicle to take it places,” says Martorana. “We are finally starting to accept that art does not need to be solely on walls, and we’re implementing it in other spaces and applications. Cabinets have such a strong presence, and with hand-painted or wallpapered artwork, used in the right way, they turn from blank canvases into functional, sculptural works of art.”

Get the look: Bring some sculptural pizzazz to your bathroom with this Evergreen Botanical Peel and Stick Fabric Wallpaper.

No. 5: Ultrachic bath tray

The ultimate in chill bathtime accessories, this bath tray from @micasitanordica makes us want to pour a glass of wine, grab our latest read, and hunker down for a long soak.

“This bath tray brings a homey, natural touch to a space,” says Shaffer. “Made from materials ranging from raw to highly veneered, bath trays can work in a variety of home styles. And it works especially well in traditional and transitional design.”

Get the look: Slow down for a soaking ritual with this Natural Wood Bath Caddy.