July 15, 2024
4 Budget-Friendly Bathroom Remodel Ideas From TikTok | Architectural Digest

On TikTok, the #bathroommakeover hashtag has over 1 billion views. Scroll through the videos and two things become apparent. First, be it a subtle refresh or a complete overhaul, TikTok creators have so many clever bathroom remodel ideas. Second, while some creativity may be necessary, breaking the bank is not.

“For many homeowners, myself included, a full-on renovation isn’t always feasible,” says Phoenix-based content creator Lidia Salazar, who goes by @everyday_homedecor. Salazar recommends mini makeovers, which she says are ”a fantastic way of making the best with what we have.”

Julian Thomas, of Brooklyn, known on TikTok as @marfastewart, echoes that sentiment. “Let’s be frank: Bathroom updates can be pricey.” For DIYers on a budget, he recommends “focusing on elements that you can change by yourself and in a day,” like doorknobs, sink fixtures, and vanity lights.

Here, a closer look at four of the most inspiring, wallet-friendly bathroom remodel ideas on TikTok, plus tips for recreating them at home.

1. Choose decorative tweaks with a big impact

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For renters or DIY’ers on a budget, Salazar says “don’t underestimate the power of decorative styling in your bathroom. Simply adding some decorative pieces like a statement vase with floral stems, framed art prints, and a beautifully textured hand towel can make such a difference.”

With a bit more effort, you can create visual interest with minimal budget and effort.  When Salazar set out to makeover her home’s powder bathroom, changing out mirrors, light fixtures and faucets was a total game changer. And, with over 147k views of her mini makeover, her viewers agree. “Getting rid of the 1980s builder-grade mirror was the biggest aesthetic change,” Salazar explained. A fresh coat of paint in a moody color added some much needed contrast to the space. Swapping out the outdated light fixture and faucet for some modern options also made a big impact. 

2. Lean into your bathroom’s existing quirks

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This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from.

In a perfect world, we’d all begin our remodels with a carte blanche. So, what happens when your starting point is more like carte Pepto-Bismol? That’s the challenge that Julian Thomas, aka @marfastewart, faced when he decided to makeover his very pink bathroom. The decor expert and “internet’s favorite homeboy” said that, while the bathroom’s original design had a lot of old-school charm, it was a little too dated. “It reminded me of the communal bathrooms in my old college dorm.” But rather than tearing it all down, Thomas decided to lean into the bathroom’s existing quirks, including those pink-hued wall tiles.

To get started, Thomas removed the shower’s sliding doors and all of the old fixtures he wanted to replace. He spray-painted the shower door a matte black, “to give it a more modern finish,” then painted the walls and ceilings. “The color choice was a little challenging considering I didn’t want to paint over the vintage pink tile, but I did need to find a color combo that suited my personal style,” Thomas says.  Sage green turned out to be a smart complement.