July 15, 2024
10 Amazon decorations to help achieve your spring bedroom dreams

Spring has sprung, and that means it’s out with the old and in with the new. After staying cooped up inside for the winter, it’s time to change things up, and that includes your bedroom. This is your chance to start anew with some spring cleaning, and new decorations to make your living space a fresh and enjoyable place. Add the latest décor with these ten Amazon decorations:

Hanging flowers

While the concept of hanging vines and florals may not be new, change it up with some less common flowers such as cherry blossoms or wisteria. The added décor will make your room pop with color, and it’s a chance to bring the blooming florets inside. Hanging flowers are also a good option for those that may not have a green thumb, but love the look of flowers in their room.

Moon lamp

A lighting option that won’t be too harsh on the eyes, and is an aesthetic lamp alternative. If you like the color changing LED look, this moon lamp has a variety of colors that you can control with a remote. Sitting on a wooden stand, the lamp is wireless and comes with rechargeable batteries that lasts about 15 hours. 

3D LED digital clock

Another lighting option, this light source also serves as a digital alarm clock. A minimalist choice, the clock serves as a pretty décor piece with its simple design and useful purpose. You can mount it to your wall or leave it on its stand, and it comes in a variety of colors such as white, blue, pink and orange.

Bubble candles

Switch up your candle game with square bubble candles. These soy wax, cotton wick candles come in soft, floral scents that can give a relaxing and calming vibe for the springtime. Coming in a variety of color combinations, the candles will add a little pizazz to any color scheme bedroom.

Soft stuffed animals

Instead of throw pillows, try out a new comfy bed décor. Treat yourself to some new fluffy, furry friends with stuffed animals that fit the spring theme. Bunnies and frogs are just a few examples of fitting animals to have for your room décor to cuddle up with for spring, but lambs and ducks are also very springtime-esque.

Fun rugs

A slightly out of the box decoration, rugs are a nice way to add personality to your bedroom. Although many rugs may seem all the way, check out some that are images of things or come in spring colors. Look into rugs that display word messages such as a peachy clean peach or go for a more smiley and bright option like a grinning daisy

Minimalist vanity mirror

Check out your beautiful face in a vanity mirror that doesn’t take up too much space and can go with anything. This minimalist mirror is simple with its wooden base, but the irregular shape of it adds a more playful vibe. Good for everyday use, the mirror is also just a nice decoration to make your room feel a bit bigger.

Flowy tapestries

Another decoration that could be seen as slightly overdone, change up your tapestry game with brightly colored choices or ones with imagery. Use them as pieces that can bring empty wall spaces to life and give you some inspiration and motivation. Look at floral ones or even tarot card inspired options.

Curtain fairy lights

With this two-in-one décor choice, let the spring sun shine through these white sheer curtains that also serve as a lighting option. These fairy light curtains are USB powered and remote controlled with eight light modes and a brightness range. They also come in different colors like white, blue, warm white and color changing.

Pastel desk organizer bins

Get organized and motivated with these pastel storage bins. They come in packs of four to five and are collapsible which allows for easy set up and take down. Coming in a variety of color combos, the bins are stackable crates that are perfect for desk organization and getting you ready to do your studies in a clean space.


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